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VIDYA – An Initiation provides financial and emotional support to the children who dream to achieve great heights but couldn’t due to poverty and lack of resources. We also extend our arm towards community service and development with the motto to encourage the youth to protect civil rights and ensure equality among everyone. We organize various socio-awareness campaigns and do our part to contribute to the development of society and the people around us. We at VIDYA also serve privileged homes.

Our Journey

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Vidya - An Initiation

2016 – Till Date

“Initiation of a path is thousand times better than the assuming one.”

It all started on 10th July 2016. We are just walking on a road, suddenly stopped a looked around. Felt, is everything normal? Is everyone happy? We saw child labour who is working at hotels. Whose hands are supposed to hold a pencil, turned out to be a broom. We saw helpless old people on roads unattended and not being taken care of. What are privileged homes? the polluted Air and surroundings were making it more difficult for them.

We thought, how can we be happy when many are suffering around us? If not us, then who? If not now, then when? Yes, at that moment, we decided about VIDYA. 

The organization got registered on 3rd May 2016 at Kodad, Telangana India by a group of perusing graduates with similar thoughts like ours. With this initiation, we thought of giving a platform for all those people who want to serve the nation. It’s the thought that counts.


Many families send their children to labour to earn for living at the same time there is a lack of awareness about the importance of education amongst them. The vision of Vidya-An Initiation is to eradicate child labour completely and to see a poverty-free society. To ensure the Right to Equality for every citizen. Our longer goal is to make sure children are begging provided with required facilities for a happy living.


The mission of Vidya – An Initiation is to provide education to every child under the age of Right to education. To provide a helping hand to privilege homes in society. To ensure every person is treated equally and help them in reaching the right to equality. Keeping the vision in mind, along with the sole purpose of the organization, we tie up / collaborate with other organizations to stretch our arms to as many people possible. We ensure of focus on all social issues around us doing out bit to the society. Vidya- An Initiation is making its presence in all the states of our country. Helping and providing a platform to many.


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