Vidya-An Initiation is Telangana state Govt. registered NGO. It promotes equality among humanity and serves society. We at Vidya, strive, and ensure to lend our helping hand to those in need. This is a platform that encourages all those people who want to contribute to society in every way possible. Working on several social in parallel, we try to help as many people possible and also create awareness amongst e everyone.

Vidya-An Initiation got registered on 3rd May 2016 at Kodad, Telangana India. Later it spread it’s helping arms to other parts of the country too. With the journey through the past 4 years, Vidya-An Initiation inspired people to come forward and join hands. Be it any corner of the country or even the world, feel free to join us.   

VIDYA-An Initiation provides financial and emotional support to the children who dream to achieve great heights but couldn’t due to poverty and lack of resources. We also extend our arm towards community service and development with the motto to encourage the youth to protect civil rights and ensure equality among everyone. We organize various socio-awareness campaigns and do our part to contribute to the development of society and the people around us. We at VIDYA also serve privileged homes.

To be part of the organization you need not be physically present or leave your professional life, you just need to be passionate of serving the society. Please click on the “Join Us” button present on the home page and fill in your details. We will be sending you the confirmation along with the volunteer ID. You can contribute in several ways possible, be it creating awareness, fundraising, donating, being a part of an event in the society you live in, and even providing emotional support to those in distress. You can join hands and do your part at your convenience. Your zeal, passion, and belief for a better future are you need.

To become a state representative one should exhibit these qualities:-

  • Should be passionate about serving society.
  • Proficiency in at least three languages namely a)English b)Regional language c) Hindi (if possible)
  • Need not be present inside the state but should have knowledge of complete statistics/situations or conditions of the state.
  • Should be able to contribute some time for the organization on a regular
  • Be capable of handling multiple queries for volunteers of the state, encourage and motivate them.

Note: Interested volunteers can send us their details.

Alone we can do very little, together we can do so much. You can take a step forward with your valuable donations by pressing the “Donate” button on the home page. Once donated, please reach out to the other help menu for the receipt/acknowledgment. Every penny counts! “No one has ever become poor, by giving”.

Vidya-An Initiation got registered under section 12A and the people providing the donations can avail the tax exemption benefit.

Vidya – An Initiation invites every member to initiate an event by filling the details in the “ Other help “ window or you could also contact us via phone or email and become the person to initiate a change. We will be more than happy to encourage your ideas/suggestions for the development of society. Only a life lived in the service of others is worth living!!

Any organization having the motive to serve the society can collaborate with the organization and reach as many in need. You can contact us via email, phone, “Other help” to reach out and discuss your collaboration ideas with us. We will be glad to welcome and work together. Many single drops make a large ocean.

You can just fill in the form that would be provided at the start of a campaign by submitting your details. Once we receive them, the team will get in touch with you and provide you with all the necessary information required. You can also reach out to us via email/contact. It will be a pleasure for having you on the team.

Every penny is hard-earned and has been donated with generosity. It is of huge value. We at Vidya-An Initiation verify the case/issue and its authenticity by meeting them physically and perform a detailed case study on it. Once everything seems to be in place. We donate and keep the donors intimated with the details.

The mission of Vidya-An Initiation is to provide education to every child under the age of Right to education. To provide a helping hand to privilege homes in society. To ensure every person is treated equally and help them in reaching the right to equality. Keeping the vision in mind, along with the sole purpose of the organization, we tie up/collaborate with other organizations to stretch our arms to as many people possible. We ensure of focus on all social issues around us doing out bit to the society. Vidya- An Initiation is making its presence in all the states of our country. Helping and providing a platform to many.

Many families send their children for labor work to earn for living at the same time there is a lack of awareness about the importance of education amongst them. The vision of Vidya-An Initiation is to eradicate child labor completely and to see a poverty-free society. To ensure the Right to Equality for every citizen. Our longer goal is to make sure children are begging provided with required facilities for a happy living.

  • To provide education for poor children.
  • To conduct sports events and to achieve self-confidence amongst the youth.
  • To participate in all Government Development activities.
  • To provide volunteer help for the blood requirement.
  • To organize social events like free medical camps, Aids awareness campaigns, development of schools, maintenance of CEC’s, development of local libraries, and development of privileged homes.
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